What keeps you awake at night? Using EFT for insomnia and deeper sleep

Sleep is one of the five pillars of good health:

— healthy breathing
— good food and digestion
— good sleep
— good movement
— and the ability to feel and release emotions as they arise rather than bottle them up to create unhealthy stress.


Good sleep has its roots in your day, with how you manage your energy and emotions, the kind and amount of food you eat, and how well and often you move your body. Getting enough sunlight and keeping a regular rhythm is also critical. And how you breathe is enormously important; I’ll be posting more about this soon.

EFT is a great tool for helping with day to day stresses, and for clearing old emotional pain and triggers. It’s a self-help tool, but many of us can benefit from working with a practitioner on deeper or trickier issues.

If you would like help working through any stressful issues in your life at the moment, and would like to give EFT and Matrix Reimprinting a try (which we can do over Skype, no matter where you are in the world), contact me to arrange a no-obligation chat.

If you want to have a look at what others have said about working with me to become less stressed, more empowered, check out these stories.

Meanwhile, here’s a video from Brad Yates that you might like to use before bed tonight:

Sleep well. And happy dreaming.

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