Coaching rates

. Emotional Freedom /Matrix Reimprinting Coaching sessions:

Initial session/chat over the phone (up to 20 mins) = free.

After that, each session lasts  60 minutes, and price includes my preparation and a follow-up email if needed.

Sessions in person are at Terrigal on the Central Coast, NSW, and can also be held over the phone or by Skype from anywhere in Australia or overseas.

For Skype or phone sessions, you simply call or Skype me at the arranged time; or if you don’t have Skype or cheap calls, I can Skype to your landline or mobile.

It helps if you have a headset for your phone, or a good microphone for your computer if on Skype, so you can be hands-free during the call and are free to tap while we talk.


My first session with Beth was absolutely amazing and completely effective. Really incredible. I’m looking forward to doing more.’ — AV, Sydney


A single session (60 mins) is $120 AUD

Or  you can choose  three sessions for $330

Or six sessions for $600

(all prices include GST)

You can use the sessions whenever you want over the next 3 months.

Three sessions is usually enough to bring about a significant shift in at least one important area of your life.

A six session block allows us to really get into some deep and lasting change across a range of areas. It’s a great commitment to make to yourself.

I find it helps to ask : “What is a change of this kind worth to me?”  Think about what this problem or issue or habit is creating in your life, and how your life might be different if this was changed for you. How is it affecting your job, your relationships, your family, your health?

What would it take for you to feel excited about investing in yourself and your future in this way?

How much more can you be and contribute to those around you, and to the world?

(Even one person making one change to expand their life and being can have an enormous flow-on effect.)

So, what are you waiting for?  — And that’s a serious question. If you are waiting or hesitating, why is this? Can you tap on that and see what happens?

So if this feels light for you – give me a call.
Look forward to hearing from you.

0419 580 382 / 02 4384 4942


“Beth’s support and guidance helped me realise a dream I’d sat on for years. I heartily recommend her coaching and encourage you to dust off your dreams and maybe even your fears, and contact Beth.” — A.H., Counsellor, Victoria, Australia.

“With her sharp mind and boundless compassion, I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.” –N.S., Melbourne, Australia

“Beth is a highly skilled and experienced EFT practitioner. I felt understood and protected while using this powerful tool to challenge the way my past is affecting my present. And Beth ensured that I got the answers I wanted!” — LD, NSW

“My 10 year old son and I went to see Beth because he was having problems sleeping. Beth didn’t just listen and support, she actively and creatively helped him explore issues in a warm, gentle, creative and yet also incisive way, encouraging him to ‘tap’ on sensations and issues. Afterward my son began to talk to me about how he felt, and the sleeping issue cleared up. I feel Beth opened a door for my son and I both to deal with various dramas.” –  Writer-Mother, Berkeley Vale, NSW

“I had tried EFT before, it gave me relief from the way I was feeling, but didn’t make any inroads on my predictable patterns of panic and retreat. I think the difference with Beth has been because of the way she goes back and reimprints memories with something safe and calming. 
  I started working with Beth in January I feel for the first time I’m leaving the old framework my life was being lived in and am building strong new foundations — foundations that will weather all storms, a place where I always feel safe regardless.”  
– Catherine, RN, Mosman, NSW

“Thankyou Beth! After the session I had a lovely swim… and a walk along the beach and found my self smiling and singing…’goodbyegoodbye…to all the ones i’m gunna miss’ …and ‘hit the road jack …you ain’t commin back no  more no more’!!! crazy therapy…. I love it!” –VB, Researcher & PhD student, NSW

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How to pay: After we’ve had our initial chat, if you choose to go ahead I will email a PayPal invoice, or if you are an Australian resident you can also make a direct deposit into my account or if you’re having a session in person you can bring cash.

Please note: these prices are subject to change, so if you want to try some EFT coaching and Matrix Reimprinting, and see what it can do for your life, why not take the first step and email, text or call me today for a free chat.

Telephone from within Australia: 0419 580 382   or   (02) 4384 4942

#International callers dial: 61 419 580 382

Skype name: bethels333

Or use the contact form to send me an email.


#Time zone: the Central Coast, NSW, is on AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time), the same as Sydney and Melbourne. The easiest way to calculate the time difference if calling from a different time zone is to type into Google search ‘time in Sydney’ and hit enter. I’m happy to receive calls between 9am and 9pm AEST.

*The easiest way to convert currency is to type into Google search ‘xx[one currency] in [another currency]’ – e.g. ‘150AUD in USD’ or ‘70AUD in GBP’ — and hit enter.