The meaning of ‘Namaste’

One of my favourite salutations is Namaste.


Namaste is both a greeting and a gesture — the right and left palms joined together in prayer position, held at heart’s centre, with the fingers pointing towards the head.

The meaning is something like this:

‘I bow to the spirit
that is in you,
from the spirit
that is in me’.


“I honor the place
in you in which
the entire Universe dwells.

I honor the place in you which is of Love,
of Integrity, of Wisdom and of Peace.

When you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me,
we are One.”


*for more, see Wikipedia entry

Beat the Heat with this 2 min Super-Healthy Low-fat Banana (or Berry) Icecream Recipe

So simple you won’t believe it till you try it.

Freeze some ripe bananas.

Peeling & slicing first is the easiest. Peel, slice into chunks, and pop them in a plastic container, and keep renewing them each time you use them up.

However if you can cope with a little bit of finger-freezing extra work, they do taste better if frozen with the peel on, as it releases aromatic oils from the skin, and they will keep in the freezer longer.

For frozen whole bananas, use a sharp knife to peel them when frozen. They’ll look wierd and black but that’s ok. Usually the peel will come off in sections if you slice thinly down the sides a few times and then once across. Once peeled, cut into chunks.

(Here’s a tip: have a small bowl of warm water nearby to dip your fingers in as needed. You can also leave the frozen banana out on the bench for five minutes before peeling so it’s not quite so icy to touch.)

Toss peeled frozen chunks into a good blender (a Magic Bullet is ideal), and top up with a bit of water – just enough so it can blend.

Blend it till smooth and creamy. That’s it.

To make a berry icecream, just add a few frozen berries before blending.

It is absolutely delicious, totally healthy — no added fats or sugars or artificial ingrediants. And no plastic packaging.

Eat it straight away, and eat it as often as you want. Altho I’d suggest eating it as a cooling wonderful snack away from your main meals (or leave a gap); chilling your stomach is a good way to cool you down, but it may hinder digestion of other (especially cooked) foods.

So there you go: freeze, chop, blend and enjoy!