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Delicious Green Smoothies – what, how, and why

Want an easy and delicious way to add more healthy raw greens to your diet?

You know why you should — all those vitamins and minerals, including lots of calcium and magnesium, plus trace elements and micro-nutrients. Not to mention all that good fibre.

And if you eat greens raw, you also get heaps of fresh enzymes to help with digestion.

Do you like having easy yummy on-the-go smoothies, but don’t want all the extra fat of a milk or soymilk smoothie?

..and love the benefits of juicing fruits, but hate the time it takes to drag out the juicer, and the mess of cleaning it up afterwards?

Try easy Green Smoothies — simply toss the following into your blender (and a small bullet or rocket blender is excellent for this):

1) Some fruit — such as ripe bananas, pears, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, berries (frozen or fresh), mangoes, watermelon, or whatever is in season.

2) Some freshy leafy greens — any combination of loose-lettuce (ie anything but iceberg), parsley (just a little as it has a very strong flavour), kale (the queen of smoothie-greens), silverbeet, spinach, endive, celery tops (actually the tops have much more nutrients than the stems), dandelion leaves (amazingly rich in nutrients), even violet leaves will do. Organic or home grown is best (and greens are the absolute easiest vegies to grow, even with a small space), but fresh from the market will do.

3) Water — filtered if possible.

And then blend it up, to create a super-nutritious and surprisingly super-yummy smoothie drink.

When you’re starting out, I’d recommend beginning with a lot of fruit and a little of greens, until you get used to it. You’ll find that you’ll quite quickly develop a taste for the greens and can increase them as you go.

Here’s a sample ratio:

2 smaller bananas or 1 and 1/2 large ones + a handful of romaine lettuce OR silverbeet torn away from the stem OR a couple of celery tops

(Add less greens if you aren’t usually a big greens-eater, just to start, or more if you’re already a fresh food fan.)

a large glass of water (or more if you like it less thick)

Blend it all up for a minute or two until the greens dissolve into the fruit.


Makes an excellent snack or breakfast starter.

Green Smoothies are the invention of Victoria Boutenko, and you can read more about her story and her excellent book, Green for Life, at her website: www.rawfamily.com


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*nb I recommend Rocket Blenders which are available in Australia from places like Big W for about $40, or you can buy the original Magic Bullet Blender online. [[Actually, not sure if you can buy the original anymore… will have to look into this.]] Takes up very little room on your bench so you don’t need to pack it away, just keep the cups stored in a drawer or shelf nearby. Much easier to clean up than a traditional blender, and you can use it for dozens of things. (more on that another time). Keep a cheap one at work so you can make green smoothies for your brain-food snacks.


Beat the mid-afternoon slump: five minute energy boost

Here’s a fantastic morning or mid-afternoon alternative to that extra cup of coffee or something sugary. It takes five minutes once you learn it, and I find it really helps wake me up and get my brain in gear again.

This five minute set of simple exercises stimulates every major body meridian, so it’s a wonderful health routine to do it at least once a day. A great way to help keep your organs toned and functioning well.

Donna Eden is gorgeous to watch – she is full of vitality and just glows. I keep this video bookmarked and join in whenever I need a bit of energetic first aid.

It’s also ideal when you’re working on an important project and need a break but don’t want to be distracted by moving away from the desk or risk getting involved in anything else. Do this every hour, and you’ll be amazed how much more efficient you can be.

And it’s an excellent pre-meeting or performance routine. Gather all that scattered anxious energy and zip it up, ready to roll.