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How’s your relationship with food?: Using EFT to get to the heart of cravings.

What is this strange tapping thing these people are doing?
And why is the audience chanting along in unison?

[EFT Master, Carol Look, with audience members on stage]

If you’re not familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or Meridian Tapping), and how ‘borrowing benefits’ works in a group situation, this video might seem a bit peculiar.

But if you have any difficulties in your relationship with food — such as addictive, unhealthy or unwanted cravings — you might want to have a look at how EFT expert Carol Look works with an audience member to tap into some of the deeper underlying issues that are at the root of her need to feed.

Carol coaches her to tap on specific acupressure points while saying aloud phrases and ideas associated with her cravings. This helps to shift the energy around, release old stuck emotions, and allow in new information and insights. In this way, she becomes much clearer about what it is she is actually hungry for, and it’s not chocolate.

The audience repeating the phrases in the background is an example of ‘borrowing benefits’. And you can do this too while you watch. Just tap lightly on the same points as the woman in the video, and repeat back the phrases as Carol suggests them.

Your issue may be different, but your subconscious mind is very powerful and can usually sort out and translate the words to apply to your own emotional patterns or blocks.

You may not get as big a shift as the woman who is the focus of this brief session, but you might be surprised at what can change. Even a subtle shift can be very powerful when directed towards an issue that is long-standing and troublesome.

So have a look at this (it goes for about ten minutes), and give it a try.

If you are interested in finding more about EFT, have a look around this website, or just type it into google: there are 86 million entries, and growing every day as more and more people are finding out how effective it can be.

This video is part of a set that www.tryitoneverything.com is offering at the moment. And this is a great way to learn how to use it in your own life, especially if you prefer watching a video than reading or listening to an audio.

They also have a video extract from a session Carol Look did on chronic pain, in which she helps a man who has experienced pain constantly for 26 years. (All part of the same DVD or video-on-demand set, that you can purchase and watch as often as you want, and in your own time.)

If you’d like to try working with an EFT coach, give me a call or contact me for a free 20 min chat to see how having some sessions either in person at Terrigal, NSW, or over Skype from wherever you live, can help move you from feeling stuck to feeling clearer and empowered about something that’s been troubling and holding you back.

Here’s the link again to the video on weight issues, and to the one on chronic pain.