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Meditation: there’s an app for that!

Thought I’d share my favourite Meditation timer, for those of you with an Iphone or iPod.

This one you can customise to suit. So you can set it up so it keeps you on track with a lovely clear Tibetan bell at any interval you choose, then with multiple-bells for when your goal time is complete.

I have mine set to go for 20 mins; with 5 min bell intervals (great to bring you back when your mind is wandering off – like a little brain-shower). Also a 1 min prep time and 2 min ‘cool-down’ time.

It also contains an automatic habit-tracker — keeping stats on how often you meditate and how long — a great way to prompt you to keep it up every day. I lost the meditation habit for a while when I was moving around and living in my Van, but even so it’s quite heartening to see that I’ve sat for 44 hours and 55 minutes over the past 513 days. Altho the average of 5 mins per day doesn’t sound so impressive.

But I’ve just worked out how to reset it (with the help of the excellent web support for the app), so am hoping to keep that average at at least 20 mins per day.

I love a good gadget, and a good ritual. Having set this app up the way I want,  each time I sit to meditate I just tap to open it and tap once to start. I have a minute to prepare and then the first bell sounds and instantly my mind starts to settle.

You can find more about the Meditation Timer app here at SimpleTouchsoftware.com. They also have a Yoga Timer that looks good.

If you have any favourite meditation habits or rituals, please do share them in the comments.