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Story telling, Energy Healing, and Matrix Reimprinting

What if the universe is alive and communicative?

What if we are surrounded by maps and guidance?  For some, the spirals in our fingerprints, the lines in our palms, the markings in irises, the stars when we were born, even the configuration of tea leaves in our teacup contain clues to help us on our journey.

Stories, and the traces of stories, are everywhere.

Every memory is a story. Every object. Even our bodies are dynamic ever-changing systems of interdependent and overlapping narratives of our desires, feelings and experiences.

We leave our energetic imprints on the universe through these stories.

And we have a choice of which stories we focus on, and how we tell these stories to ourselves: how we interpret them, how we ascribe meaning and value, how we use our stories to test and formulate and constantly reimprint our beliefs.

Indeed, we condition our future every time we create (or recreate) our pasts.

As Jacques Derrida once wrote: “Inheritance is never a given; it is always a task. It remains before us.”

After 25 years as a writer (mainly of fiction, poetry and cultural history), in the last few years I’ve also started taking on clients as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.

In many ways it has been like stepping into another world, and in other ways it has been an enormously satisfying and natural progression.

For while EFT is a technique that anyone can use, working on the more knotty issues with clients I find that my long history of attention to and play with language really helps.

Language is powerful, a form of magic. And the extraordinary stories within each of us, and that so often shape us, usually contain a wealth of metaphors, patterns, images and themes.

I love the way a good Matrix Reimprinting session can be even more thrilling and fun and moving than going to an amazing movie – because it is your movie, completely unique to you.

And with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting you are able to freeze the action at any point, step into the picture, and change it.

With EFT you can comfort and aid your younger self, for instance, and with your imagination you can resource the people in your story in ways that simply were not available to them at the time. As such you can allow the story to play out in a different way, with new lessons, and thus new beliefs: tapping this story into your body and then sending it out energetically into the universe.

I love this process.

As a post-structuralist historian I came to see a long time ago that ultimately there is no objective truth or reality, only stories and perspectives – that is, relational or inter-subjective truths.

And that these serve us best when we evaluate them not just according to whether they correspond with what we already ‘know’ or believe, but according to something more: their coherence and honesty.

What matters to me — as a cultural historian, a fiction writer, and as a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner — is the deep integrity of a story.

As practices, writing and EFT are both enormously creative. They give us the space to focus, reflect and revise. They can give us the courage and techniques to go into the heart of a memory or story, and if we have a willingness and openness to seeing things differently, they give us the ability to learn anew: to change our stories, let go of what has been weighing us down, sift out the lessons, and let the rest go.

And, through this, they help us to move forward and create something quite wonderful with our lives.

If you’re interested in finding out more, contact me to have a chat to see if we might be a good fit to work together.