My great thanks to these courageous people who committed to exploring and healing, and have shared their experiences here.


Since the age of 10 I have been living with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Easily overwhelmed by life, often retreating until the coast is clear, so I can move through life again safely undetected. This is living life with a huge handicap, undetectable by most. On the surface everything appears normal.

I have been trying to move forward unsuccessfully now for a number of years, before meeting Beth Spencer last year. I thought at first Beth was just to be a mentor for my business and very quickly found I was going to get a lot more than I bargained for.

At every turn I would stall (as usual) which Beth had an almost magical way of remedying. It is called Emotional Freedom Technique, which she combines with Matrix Reimprinting.

I had tried EFT before, it gave me relief from the way I was feeling, but didn’t make any inroads on my predictable patterns of panic and retreat. I think the difference with Beth has been because of the way she goes back and reimprints memories with something safe and calming.

Since I started working with Beth in January I feel for the first time I’m leaving the old framework my life was being lived in and am building strong new foundations — foundations that will weather all storms, a place where I always feel safe regardless.

From week to week I feel less and less the need to retreat and am starting to venture out more into the known as well as the unknown. My family has remarked on my transformation and are benefiting too.

Beth herself is a remarkable, gifted, empathetic communicator and I feel, with relief, the ongoing benefits from her knowledge, insights and wisdom.

I’m so thankful Beth crossed my path and feel truly blessed.

– Catherine, RN, Mosman, NSW


‘My first session with Beth was absolutely amazing and completely effective. Really incredible. I’m looking forward to doing more.’ — AV, Sydney


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is never easy, especially when the prognosis is poor. I had long been toying with the idea of writing a memoir, but it was Beth’s prodding that had me asking “why not?”. Her talent as a critically acclaimed author coupled with her skill as a coach was brought to bear on this project which has only now reached fruition as a finished manuscript. Throughout the last year and a half, she has been a constant source of inspiration, drawing out the threads via her perceptive and analytical questioning. With her sharp mind and boundless compassion, I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

–N.S., Researcher, Melbourne, Australia


My 10 year old son and I went to see Beth because he was having problems sleeping. Beth didn’t just listen and support, she actively and creatively helped him explore issues in a warm, gentle, creative and yet also incisive way, encouraging him to ‘tap’ on sensations and issues. Afterward my son began to talk to me about how he felt, and the sleeping issue cleared up. I feel Beth opened a door for my son and I both to deal with various dramas.

However the most amazing thing about Beth’s mentoring is her wide knowledge and skill base. I’ve gone back time and again asking for advice on topics as broad as domestic life, diet, and how to achieve success with writing. I don’t feel there is any topic I can’t raise with Beth, no matter how personal, and she can guide me past the hugest stumbling block. As a mentor she is incredibly kind and empathic yet gives clear guidance anybody could use.  I would highly recommend Beth’s coaching to anyone seeking to find emotional freedom, sort priorities, or just move on with a project.

— Writer-Mother, Berkeley Vale, NSW


Beth is smart and caring, and dedicated to achieving the very best outcome for her clients. She is well versed in personal transformation and can deliver the goods effectively and efficiently. I would highly recommend her as a personal life coach who will give great value with the utmost integrity.

— R.Viggiano, Senior Yoga Teacher & Massage/Shiatsu Therapist, Blackburn, Victoria.


Empowering, instructive and articulate, it’s hard to know what to say because the only way to know is to experience Beth.

I have known Beth in many capacities and incarnations for both of us, and she continues to support, challenge and instruct. A session with Beth is a unique experience because she draws on diverse interests and passions: EFT, business, spirituality, yoga, nutrition, health and well being, meditation, gardening, popular culture, social justice, and her writing!! (check out her website – www.bethspencer.com). So before I get to the free steak knives, let me encourage you to read about her, or talk to her so you can get a sense of her. Beth’s truly unique attribute is that she talks from experience : this is her strength. She has suffered and struggled and is not relating from on high, but prepared to roll up her sleeves and work with you in and through your stuff : for she is not faint hearted. Her knowledge is hard won, well researched and exciting. You will come away from a session with her with insights and challenges that will start and keep you thinking in ways you didn’t expect or had even dreamt of: needless to say I recommend her and encourage you to contact her.

To give one example: Beth coached me to write an application for a course I really wanted to get into. I was desperate to get a place in it but could not get past the tick box sort of responses that said nothing about my passion for it. I was stuck in a negative judgmental spiral that came from years in an unsupportive relationship with myself and a negative partner. Eventually, with Beth’s support and guidance, I could speak from my heart: no longer timid about revealing the real me. I got an interview and amazingly enjoyed that process too, again with Beth’s encouragement providing resolve to be myself. I was accepted into the Graduate Diploma and am now finishing the Masters. The lecturers told me years later that they did a happy dance after my interview. Beth’s support and guidance helped me realise a dream I’d sat on for years.

I heartily recommend her and encourage you to dust off your dreams and maybe even your fears, and contact Beth.

–A.H., Counsellor, Victoria, Australia.


I had one session with Beth and she honed in on distressing emotional issues of concern to me from my past. She facilitated the experience sensitively and respectfully. There was no immediate impact or distress. However, I believe this short intervention unlocked some unresolved issues, which I processed over the next month through a series of dreams; having not remembered my dreams for a while. I would encourage others to explore this therapeutic process to assist with shifting unwanted emotional baggage.

— Emotionally Lighter of Marrickville, NSW


thankyou Beth…
After the session I had a lovely swim (with the blue bottles sadly ouch!) and a walk along the beach and found my self smiling and singing…’goodbyegoodbye…to all the ones i’m gunna miss’ (lyric to a florence and the machine song I think) and ‘hit the road jack …you ain’t commin back no  more no more’!!!
crazy therapy…. I love it!

–VB, Researcher & PhD student, NSW


If you would like to find more about coaching with Beth, call for a free chat on 61 419 580 382, or use the contact page.

Coaching can be over the phone or via Skype, or in person at Terrigal in NSW.

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  1. Hi Beth,

    I really got a lot out of the work you did with me. I felt much calmer and more centred, and more self confident about myself. It is indeed a rare thing to find people with your skills.

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