Matrix Reimprinting

What is it?

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced form of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that draws on notions of the quantum field or Matrix and allows you to go back into your past and re-story an event or experience.

In this way you can release painful feelings and fears associated with that event, and resource your earlier self and those around you in ways that weren’t available to them at the time.

In doing so, you can change the emotional resonance of a memory and the beliefs about yourself and the world that you derived from that experience. This is particularly important with regard to childhood memories, but can be used with any event that you experienced as negative or painful.

Our memories have an energetic charge that affects us on a subconscious level every time that something that is even slightly similar presents in our life.

After using Matrix Reimprinting on a formative or traumatic memory, instead of feeling upset or defeated or afraid or just weakened in some way whenever you are reminded (consciously or subconsciously) of this aspect of your past, you can learn to feel strong and empowered to embrace opportunities and find effective solutions to challenges.

By rewriting your past, you thus effectively can change your present, and thus your future.

How does it work?

Matrix Reimprinting can be used as a self-help tool but is most effective when used in partnership with a coach. (Note, it is particularly important to seek professional help if you are working with very deep or traumatic memories.)

In the same way that we use EFT to tap on acupressure points to release stored or blocked emotions in the present and create shifts in the way we feel and think about specific issues, we can imaginatively tap on images of our past-selves (known in Matrix Reimprinting as an ‘Echo’, or Energetic Consciousness Hologram). As these Echoes exist in the quantum field as pure energy (a collection of thoughts and feelings), this tapping can be incredibly speedy and effective.

By asking the Echo questions and responding to what s/he wanted but didn’t get at that time, we can create new and positive associations with that old memory. There are lots of ways to do this, for instance by tapping down the strong emotion; allowing the Echo to choose a more positive outcome; giving that younger self the benefit of what you know now; and bringing in the kind of help she and those around her needed back then in order to make more empowering choices.

The key things aren’t changed – you can’t change someone’s personality in the matrix, but you can change what was available to them.

And we don’t try to change the big stuff – deaths, physical abuse, etc. But we can institute a process where we can change the ‘lessons’ of those events – the beliefs about life that were formed in the subconscious at that moment, and which can often become self-limiting and self-fulfilling. By reaching right in to the deep emotions of that moment or episode, and acknowledging and releasing them, we can uncover new information that was blocked by the intensity of that feeling, or send back information that wasn’t available then, and thus allow new choices to be made, and new beliefs to be formed.

As with EFT in general, what this work does so effectively is to bring us truly into the present.

It can also be a lot of fun…

However if the trauma was a big T trauma, then it needs to be approached very carefully, and it is strongly advised that you don’t try to do this by yourself but get the help of a professional coach.

A good coach can also help you locate which memories are impacting on the way you handle your most pressing current issues, and guide you to make the most effective use of the reimprinting process.

Coaching sessions — which we can do via Skype (so you don’t even have to leave home) — are also a great way to designate time for this work, as too often in our busy lives we just keep putting off this kind of healing and clearing work, even when we know how much difference it can make. A coach can keep you focussed and targeted, help you overcome resistance, and assist you to make important and lasting changes in your life.


I had tried EFT before, it gave me relief from the way I was feeling, but didn’t make any inroads on my predictable patterns of panic and retreat. I think the difference with Beth has been because of the way she goes back and reimprints memories with something safe and calming. Since I started working with Beth in January I feel for the first time I’m leaving the old framework my life was being lived in and am building strong new foundations – foundations that will weather all storms, a place where I always feel safe regardless. From week to week I feel less and less the need to retreat and am starting to venture out more into the known as well as the unknown. My family has remarked on my transformation and are benefiting too. – Catherine, RN, Mosman, NSW.

Contact me if you’d like to give this a try or just want to have a chat to find out more. Or click here for more information about coaching with me, and here to read some more testimonials.

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